Executive Officer of the Court City Marshal Brian Pope


The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office strives to be the best office in the state of Louisiana. Under the leadership of Marshal Brian Pope, the office performs a host of duties for the Lafayette City Court, and the City of Lafayette itself. Here’s an in-depth look at those duties.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office is to execute all lawful orders and mandates of the Lafayette City Court. The City Marshal’s Office will protect the Lafayette City Court Judges, City Court Staff, City Court Building and all citizens who access the court. The City Marshal’s Office enforces all state and city ordinance laws, deters criminal activity, and protects life and property.

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Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope
Law Enforcement Award of Accreditation by CALEA

Award of Accreditation by CALEA in 2007, 2010, 2013

The Vision of the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office is to be committed to being the finest City Marshal’s Office in the State of Louisiana. We will strive to accomplish this by providing unlimited resources, impeccable training, and maintaining accreditation to fulfill our mission.

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The LLA Hotline

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