Lafayette City Marshal’s Office Personnel

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The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office has the responsibility of placing its deputies in numerous positions to assist and protect the Lafayette City Court.

Administration at the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office consists of the Marshal, the Chief Deputy, the Captain, and the Lieutenant.  There are also two Sergeant positions, which each supervise the Civil and Warrants Divisions and the deputies assigned to positions in the courthouse.

The Civil Division is responsible for serving all civil documents, including subpoenas, judgment debtor rules, judgments to move, civil citations, evictions, notices, juvenile subpoenas, and court summons. There are six deputies assigned to the Civil Division, including the Sergeant.

The Warrants Division is responsible for arresting defendants on all warrants, transporting inmates for court proceedings, and supervising prisoners while in the courtroom. There are seven deputies assigned to the Warrants Division, including the Sergeant.

The third division of the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office is responsible for all positions that are located within the courthouse.  There are deputies assigned to the magnetometer as well as being bailiffs within the courtroom.

There are deputies assigned to the main office, who execute warrants, compile data for the Marshal’s Marshal’s Community in Action show on Acadiana Open Channel, collect funds for restitution and Issuing Worthless Checks cases, and dispatch, which entails tracking and monitoring situations by phone and radio and responding to any situations reported by those in the field. There are six deputies assigned to this division, including the Sergeant.

The Reserve Division also falls under this section and employs commissioned part-time deputies, who assist with courtroom proceedings, warrant roundups, and the Marshal’s Community in Action Show.  The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office has up to ten reserve deputies at one time.

There is also office staff within the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office, including the Secretary and Office Administrator, who are supervised directly by the Marshal.

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