Lafayette City Marshal’s Honor Guard

The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office Honor
Guard stands as a symbol of respect,
dignity, and honor within our community.

The Unparalleled Dedication of Lafayette’s Honor Guard

Comprised of dedicated members who embody the highest standards of professionalism, the Honor Guard participates in various events and ceremonies throughout Lafayette. From parades to memorial services, the Honor Guard presents a solemn tribute to fallen comrades and pays homage to the rich traditions of our office. Their precision and dedication are unparalleled, ensuring that every occasion is marked with the utmost reverence. To request the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office Honor Guard for your event, please utilize the provided form below, allowing us to honor your occasion with the dignity it deserves.

Lafayette City Marshal's Office Honor Guard Request Form

Please complete the following form to request the presence of the Lafayette City Marshal's Office Honor Guard at your event.
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Supporting Documents
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