About The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office

Executing all lawful orders and mandates
of the Lafayette City Court.


The Mission of the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office is to execute all lawful orders and mandates of the Lafayette City Court. The City Marshal’s Office will protect the Lafayette City Court Judges, City Court Staff, City Court Building and all citizens who access the court. The City Marshal’s Office enforces all state and city ordinance laws, deters criminal activity, and protects life and property. Using professional leadership and dedication to providing quality service, the City Marshal’s Office will maximize the use of its resources to provide the highest quality service which will aid in improving the quality of life and preserving the peace for the citizens of our jurisdiction.


The Vision of the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office is to be committed to being the finest City Marshal’s Office in the State of Louisiana. We will strive to accomplish this by providing unlimited resources, impeccable training, and maintaining accreditation to fulfill our mission. We are committed to creating a culture of service, diversity and transparency, which enables all citizens’ accessibility to the office, feeling of pride, and satisfaction that we live in a safe community.  In the end, the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office will strive to ensure all Deputy Marshal’s and Administrative Employees feel they are a valued asset of the organization and its success.


The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office has been providing vital assistance to the United States Marshal’s Service since 2008 and continues today. The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office has a Deputy Marshal assigned full time to the United States Marshal’s Violent Offender Task Force. The duties entail pursing violent felons who are fugitives from justice.

The Lafayette Office covers eight parishes throughout the Acadiana area. Although the Task Force covers eight parishes, they have law enforcement partners throughout the United States making it difficult for fugitives to escape justice. The United States Marshal’s Task Force combines the efforts of federal, state, and local law enforcement to locate and arrest the most dangerous fugitives.

RS 13:1881

§1881. General powers and duties of marshal; deputy marshals

  1. The marshal is the executive officer of the court; he shall execute the orders and mandates of the court and in the execution thereof, and in making arrests and preserving the peace, he has the same powers and authority of a sheriff.
  2. The marshal may appoint one or more deputy marshals having the same powers and authority as the marshal, but the marshal shall be responsible for their actions. The compensation of the deputy marshals shall be fixed and paid by the governing authorities of the city or parish, or both, where the court is located. The city marshal may use funds available for expenses of his office, including proceeds from costs assessed in criminal matters pursuant to R.S. 13:1899, to pay an amount in excess of the fixed salary or to pay the amount fixed or any portion thereof to deputy marshals or to employ additional deputies. However, nothing herein shall authorize the city marshal to fix or supplement his own salary. In no event shall the salary of any deputy exceed that of his city marshal.

Acts 1960, No. 32, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1961; Acts 1983, No. 248, §1; Acts 1986, No. 168, §1; Acts 1993, No. 629, §1.

Help law enforcement apprehend our most wanted. Do not attempt to confront or apprehend these individuals yourself. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of a fugitive, click here to submit a tip.