We are thrilled to share that Lafayette City Marshal Reggie Thomas and his dedicated team enthusiastically participated in the joyous Halloween celebrations at Northgate Mall. The event, aptly named ‘Bootiful Halloween in the Neighborhood,’ brought together families and children for a memorable evening of fun and festivity.

From 6 PM to 8 PM, Marshal Reggie Thomas and his team were honored to be part of this delightful occasion. They engaged with the community, spreading warmth, cheer, and heaps of candies! The joy on the faces of the children dressed in their creative and spooky costumes was truly heartwarming.

The Marshal and his team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the neighborhood and be a part of this fantastic Halloween celebration. Seeing the excitement and smiles on the kids’ faces was an absolute delight for everyone involved.

The Lafayette City Marshal’s Office extends gratitude to Northgate Mall for hosting such a fantastic event and thanks the community for their enthusiastic participation. Such engagements not only bring joy but also strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community.

Stay tuned for more community engagement events as Lafayette City Marshal Reggie Thomas and his team continue to foster unity, fun, and positive connections within our community. Your support and participation make these moments truly special!