Officer Safety

Street Survival Seminar

Developing Smarter, Safer, More Successful Officers

March 20-21st, 2023
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Venue: Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) Center
537 Cajundome Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70506

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Calibre Press Instructor

Sergeant James Schlicher

Sergeant Jim Schlicher is a 27 year veteran officer from suburban Chicago, IL.

Jim served as a Sergeant on patrol and specialized for 22 years in SWAT as the Team Commander for a multi-jurisdictional Team responsible for the protection of over 300,000 residents and was assigned to Illinois’ State Narcotics Unit.

Surviving an officer involved shooting, Sgt. Schlicher received a Medal of Valor from the DuPage County Hundred’s Club.

Jim has headed the field training program, advanced training, use of force, policies, procedures and scheduling for the department. Jim served as an SRO and was appointed the Regional School District’s critical incident advisor developing, instituting and training school staff and students K-12 in both policy and strategies for an Active Shooter Threats.

Jim received his Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University and holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Social Science. He’s is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety – School of Police Staff and Command and recently completed training with the prestigious Force Science Institute.

Jim continued in the field of Public Safety and currently works as a Firefighter and EMT for the Village of Clarendon Hills and a sworn law enforcement officer for the Indian Head Park Police Department.

Sgt. Schlicher continues to train in both Law Enforcement and Fire arena’s, instructing at the Suburban Law Enforcement Police Academy. Jim joined Calibre Press in 2015 and instructs our legendary Street Survival Seminar, Tactical Leadership, Legally Justified, RoadWise, Constitutional Use of Force and The Ultimate Training Officer courses. Jim is the lead on our newest courses, Active Threat Incidents and Guardian on the Grounds.


Course Description

The Street Survival Seminar is based on the iconic course that revolutionized law enforcement training four decades ago. Today’s Street Survival® blends the foundational officer safety & survival principles that has saved countless officers’ lives nationwide with the unique, multi-faceted challenges the profession faces today.

Rather than limiting focus strictly to surviving deadly threats, this updated and expanded program also discusses the need to prepare officers for making sound, legal and reasonable decisions under stress in order to preserve the lives of citizens as well as their own.
A core element of this updated program is to help officers understand, manage and appropriately leverage stress, which studies have shown impacts a wide range of officer performance areas, including driving, communicating, overall decision-making and utilization of force to effectively decompressing after high stress encounters and on a daily basis.

This Two-Day Interaction course focuses on…

  • Confronting Dynamics; physical, verbal and psychological
  • Is stress impacting your performance more than you know?
  • Roadside risks and practical strategies for safe performance on roadways.
  • A Modern Perspective for Peace Officers in the Post George Floyd Era
  • Reading People: Detecting Danger Cues & PreAttack
  • The Role of Civilian Peace Officers as Guardians of Democracy
  • Street Survival Tactics: When you have to go hands on
  • Approach Tactics: People, Vehicles, Buildings
  • Tactics for Criminal Patrol; increasing effectiveness in surfacing all types of contraband.
  • Physical & Emotional Health Statistics: Realities & Solutions